De pronto me arrepentí de haber llegado a esos extremos, con mi costumbre de analizar indefinidamente hechos y palabras.


"Can I tell you something, Reading? Can I make a confession to you? I had somebody tell me that, the other day, that I say ‘thank you’ too much at shows. And it’s not rock and roll and I was thinking about that and to be honest with you today I was feeling anxious and thought that I needed to come right out there and say nothing on the microphone and just play our music. And I’m thinking about that and I just feel conflicted on stage today ‘cause I don’t feel like that’s authentic for me and I don’t really give a damn what anybody says about saying ‘thank you’. Two years ago we were playing in tiny bars for six hour gigs. 5 years ago we were playing in tiny bars. There’s bands that are out there today that have been doing that for 10 years. My wife did that for 10 years and she still is. And she’s in a band... So I don’t really give a damn. I am just gonna say ‘thank you’ ‘cause this is incredible to play for all these people. If that makes me not as rock and roll as the people that will come on stage then I don’t really give a damn. This is who I am, so I hope that you will just accept me for that. I love you UK. This has been a place we’ve wanted to come since we started the band. I wrote it on a white board 5 years ago that we would come overseas and we would be able to play around the world and that was our dream. And it’s a cheesy thing to say but I don’t care ‘cause here we are, we’re doing it and this is just incredible so THANK YOU.That’s what I wanted to say. THANK YOU.”

— Dan Reynolds’ speech during Imagine Dragons set at Reading Festival. (x)

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Portavoz & Bajo Linaje. (via miserable-con-suerte)

"Ya no sé quién es más puto, el hueón que te ataca o el hueón que no te defiende."


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